The Art of Armenian Calligraphy

Ruben Malayan

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2020 Lecture - Children of Armenia Fund (COAF), Lori, Armenia

2019 Armenian Art Fair - Masterclass of calligraphy, Yerevan Armenia

2018 Masterclass of Armenian Calligraphy,  Istanbul, Turkey

2018 Workshops at Padova and Venice, Italy

2018 Workshops at Smithsonian Folk Life Festival / Washington DC

2017 Granshan / Lecture and Calligraphy performance with Timothy Donaldson, Yerevan, Armenia

2017 Masterclass at “I'am here” Exhibition of Young Armenian Artists, Museum of Fashion, Moscow, Russia

2016 Masterclass on the Art of Armenian Calligraphy- Yerevan State Art College after P. Terlemezian

2015 Masterclass of Armenian Calligraphy. Fundacja Sztuka Kaligrafii Krakow, Poland

2015 Masterclass of Armenian Calligraphy. Festivalul Strada Armeneasca Bucharest, Romania

2015 Masterclass of Armenian Calligraphy. Rise of Culture International Art'n'Music Festival Lublin, Poland

2015 Hartak Festival, Yerevan - Lecture and Masterclass of Armenian Calligraphy.

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